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Banners to Celebrate Birthdays...

Do you have a knack for creativity? Birthday banners are where you can put those skills to use. When using professional banners, the focus is often on its advertisement aspects, so it is important to prioritize the customer experience and brand image. Those types of banners are goal-centric. On the other hand, personal banners like those that celebrate birthdays open the doors to artistic expression. Read below to learn some ways you can liven up a birthday banner with an innovative spin.

Experiment with Color...

Happy Birthday Banners are on sale now! Vinyl banners can hold rich, vibrant colors beautifully. Why not experiment with color to make a birthday banner pop? There are different color inspirations that can be channeled for an uplifting banner that reads “Happy Birthday.” A banner can take on the guest of honor’s favorite colors, pay tribute to a hobby, or mirror an age range. For example, pastels are popular for infants and babies, while bright, primary colors are often favored by older kids. If the person having a birthday has a favorite college or team, pull inspiration from their iconic colors. Or, if the birthday boy or girl gravitates towards purples, pay homage to that interest in the background of the banner.

Incorporate Photos ...

For Happy Birthday Banner Designs, please see below! Photos are a modern way to personalize a banner. For birthday banners, one cool concept is to display photos from each year of a person’s life. With the capacity to capture fine detail surprisingly well, vinyl banners can pull off a picture print better than the top of a cake can. Funny pictures, proud pictures, or heartwarming pictures can remind party guests how much an individual has grown over the years. Guests can reflect on the pictures displayed on the banner and appreciate all of the life lived so far by the birthday guest. If unique pictures are not on hand or too costly for a budget, generic imagery, such as clip art, photo stock, or a self-made portrait that can add visual interest. Building blocks or puzzles are a common accent on young people’s banners. Alcohol bottles or wine glasses often make an appearance on 21st birthday banners. If a milestone age is not a guiding factor for the images, think about hobbies. If the birthday girl is obsessed with chess and a school champion at the game, that would be a relevant and wanted upgrade to a banner’s visual presence, sure to be appreciate by all who attend the party.

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Tweak the Font

Most banners are made from a handful of popular, readable fonts, such as Calibri and Times New Roman. However, banners boasting someone’s birthday are a great opportunity to take advantage of more unique options available today. Comic Sans or Stencil may be delightful on a young, pre-school aged child’s birthday banner. Bold, sharp fonts like the Gothic range will grab readers’ attentions and standout, perfect for the celebration of someone who is extroverted. For an October birthday bash themed on Halloween and spooky affairs, something like Chiller is perfect. For classy, elegantly aging folks, an italicized or cursive font will pull the banner together; think of Monotype Corsiva.

Play with Words

When it comes to the language of banners that say “Happy Birthday,” do not be afraid to embellish. The guest of honor’s name, the date, and—in some cases—their age can be fitting additions. Wordsmiths may be interested in including short, quotes or phrases related to the celebration. For 50th birthdays, “over the hill” and “half way there” are common sayings that appear on banners, in cards, and in conversations. A 64th birthday banner might quote the classic Beatles’ song, “When I’m 64,” or a 22nd birthday banner might reference the relatively new pop hit, “22” by Taylor Swift. The options are endless when it comes to the witty, wonderful words that can add interest to a banner.

Rethink the Layout

Banner makers often promote popular or useful banner layouts and designs that will appeal to the needs and wants of most customers whether you're purchasing a 2x4 banner or a much larger size. However, do not be shy about coming up with custom layouts. Where should the words go? Where should the pictures go? Should there by a gradient effect? Birthday banners, notorious for cleverness and expression, are a great place to try out a new layout. Someone will only turn each age once, so a dated or experimental banner is a temporary, low-risk cost to endure that can make a Happy Birthday Banner super special.